Wood Training Jutte (2 - cord))

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Jutte are a hooked truncheon used by Samurai and Feudal Japanese police to subdue Samurai etc. There are many styles of Jutte.

These Jutte are made from white oak, with a metal hook fitted to the wood by a metal ring. Securely fixed so that they will not move on the shaft.

The handle has been bound with a high quality white cord to give it a much better grip

The gap between the hook and shaft is designed so that any sized Bokken should fit.

Wood jutte are also a little gentler than metal Jutte when you strike the body.

A great training tool and used by many Ryu-ha in Japan.

White or Red Oak is used depending on the availability of wood

This Jutte is hand made to order, please allow a few extra days due to this.