Shindenfudo Ryu Jutaijutsu DVD

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The film was taken during a series of classes held in Japan sometime around 1993. it features the then Bujinkan Senior shihan Manaka Fumio, who is now the kancho of the Jinenkan. Each kata is shown and then taught several times

The DVD covers the kamae, Shoden no kata (35 min), Chuden no kata (47 min) and Okuden no kata (38 min). Unfortunately some of the Okuden Ura Gata are missing.

The quality of the film is not perfect due to the time period, but is more than above average and very watchable. Sound is excellent.

These kata are rarely seen in the Bujinkan so to see a film like this is now quite rare.

It is approximately 2 hours long. The region has been set so that it is watchable in any country. (will play in Europe - USA - Australia etc)