Manrikigusari - Kusarifundo #1

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The Manrikigusari was believed to have been developed by Masaki Tarodayu in the 1700's. It is used by several schools such as Hoten Ryu, Araki Ryu, Toda Ryu, Meifu Shinkage Ryu

Our Manrikigusari is made with a welded chain and a weight attached by a ring which is also welded. It is important that the links are welded to avoid the chain or any links breaking. The fundo is rectangle, tapered on two sides, with a rounded end for the ring to pass through.

This Manrikigusari is hand made. It is not mass produced and is much stronger than the cheaper ones you buy in martial arts shops.
Made to order
Chain used may be slightly different than shown in the photograph