Kukishinden Ryu Sojutsu/Naginata/Bisento

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This book on Kukishinden Ryu contains all of the known kata the Sojutsu (Spear) Naginata (Halberd) and Bisento (Large halberd). Each Kata has the name in English, Japanese Kanji for the name and a translation of the name.

The information within this book is very accurate and an excellent training aid to help you learn the Kata from this Ryu.

A denkei for the Ryu (list of masters) is also included in the book

The book is bound using traditional Japanese book binding methods. Book cover colour may vary.

Kukishinden Ryu Sojutsu
Kamae Gata
Kaisetsu Gata
Gokui Gata
Menkyo Kaiden Gata

Kukishinden Ryu Naginatajutsu
Bi-Naginata Kata

Kukishinden Ryu Bisentojutsu
Kamae Gata
Bisento kata