Kukishinden Ryu (4 books)

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A collection of 4 books, hand bound in traditional Japanese style. A denkei for the Ryu (list of masters) is also included in the book

The book is bound using traditional Japanese book binding methods. Book cover colour may vary.

Each Kata has the name in English, Japanese Kanji for the name and a translation of the name.

1. Kukishin Ryu Dakentaijutsu
Kamae Gata, Te Waza Gata, Shoden Gata, Chuden Gata, Sabaki Gata, Okuden Gata, Shirabi Moguri Gata.

2 Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu, Jojutsu, Hanbojutsu,
Bojutsu, Kamae Gata,  Kihon Gata, Sabaki Gata.
Jojutsu, Kamae Gata, Jojutsu.
Hanbojutsu, Kamae Gata, Shoden Gata, Chuden Gata, Okuden Gata.

3. Kukishin Ryu Sojutsu, Naginatajutsu, Bisentojutsu
Sojutsu, Kamae Gata, Kaisetsu Gata, Gokui Gata, Menkyo Kaiden Gata.
Naginatajutsu, Kamae, Bi-Naginata Kata.
Bisentojutsu, Kamae Gata, Bisento Kata

4. Kukishin Ryu Kenjutsu, Kodachijutsu, Juttejutsu
Bikenjutsu, Kamae, Biken No Ho
Kodachi Dori, Kamae Gata, Kodachi Dori
Juttejutsu, Kamae, Juppo Sessho )