Jutte (Doshin)

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Custom Made

This style of Jutte is called a Yoriki Jutte, small enough for it to fit in the pocket, a type of Jutte carried by the Yoriki in Edo period Japan

This Jutte is 100% hand made. The shaft is hexagonal in profile and is tapered (by hand) from the kagi (hook) all the way down to the Bosaki (tip) The handle is wrapped in cord.

Very nicely balanced

Size 28cm (approximate)

Jutte are a hooked truncheon used by Samurai and Feudal Japanese police to subdue Samurai etc. The Jutte is used today by schools such as Kukishin Ryu, Kukishinden Happo Biken, Ikkaku Ryu, Masaki Ryu

This Jutte is hand made to order, please allow a few extra days due to this.