Japanese Armour DOU

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Antique Samurai Armour

Complete Dou (front and back plate), Kusazuri (skirting is missing), age is approximately 250 years old, it could be older, and from the Edo period (1600 – 1868). 

This type of Dou is sometimes called a ‘Yokohagi Okegawa-do gusoku’,  meaning made from horizontal strips and hinged on the left side.The lacquer is a dark brown.

The Kusazuri is missing, b8ut is not the type that is laced into the armour, but instead was fitted to a deer skin belt, which was then attached to the armour. A new one can be sourced from various auction sites or one of the few Japanese armour restorers, and easily reattached.

The Kattari (Flag holding bracket) is still complete and fitted in place.

The cords on the shoulder straps that hold the sholder straps to the front of the Dou are still original and compele.

The hinge on the left side is complete and not damaged.


Due to age it it’s in reasonably good condition. As can be expected from its age the lacquer in areas has minor scratches and some minor fading. In a few areas the lacquer has some small chips.

Because the kusazuri is missing the Dou is being offered at a lower than normal price and it also includes free shipping worldwide