Introductory History to the Schools of the Bujinkan

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This is the original official version as written solely by 'Paul Richardson'

           To celebrate this books 30th Anniversary (Aug 1993 - Aug 2023)
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First published in 1993, this book was altered in 1994/5 to contain pictures. This book was researched and solely written by Paul Richardson.

Now only available again as a fully bound book


The first 9 chapters discuss the history of the Bujinkan Ryuha followed by a biography of Takamatsu Toshitsugu sensei. Also Iga and Koga Ryu history is discussed.

This was the first book in English to publish the names of all the soke of the 9 Ryu.

There are several photos through out the book relating to the contents.

These are the Ryu history that are discussed in the book

- Togakure Ryu
- Gyokko Ryu
- Kukishinden Ryu
- Koto Ryu
- Shindenfudo Ryu
- Takagi Yoshin Ryu
- Gikan Ryu
- Gyokushin Ryu
- Kumogakure Ryu