Asayama Ichiden Ryu Ueno Den Densho

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Asayama Ichiden Ryu 浅山一伝流 was founded by Asayama Mitsugoro Ichidensai in 1566.

This Densho is the Chi No Maki, which contains the kata for
  • Gedan no Kurai
  • Chudan no Kurai
  • Jodan no Kurai

  • This is the densho that was written by the famous Ueno Takashi, one of those that taught Hatsumi Masaaki of the Bujinkan.It will be the same densho that Hatsumi recieved from Ueno when he was studying under Ueno.
  • Each kata also has at least one drawing
  • 116 pages of kata and drawings
  • Hand bound in traditional Yotsume Toji style binding.

  • Book cover colour may vary.