Tv shows and Enbu DVD

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The footage was all filmed in the early 1990's in Japan. Some of this footage has possibly not been released openly before.

The DVD features the following four films.

1. This is a Daikomyo Sai Enbu, year unknown. The shihan put on an acted display of Bujinkan Taijutsu and Kobujutsu. One group are Ninja and the others Samurai. The scene is set where Ninja attack a Daimyo but are beaten by the Samurai protecting him.

2. See a westerner on Japanese TV in Noda looking for ninja. He is directed to Hatsumi sensei (at the Someya Dojo) Their is a fine display of Taijutsu (lots of flipping out of throws). Hatsumi Soke tests the gaijin for godan and he fails (terribly), Soke then shows how it’s done with Yoshida san.

3. A game show has its contestants become Ninja. Togakure Ryu Ninja (Nagase Shihan and some of his students) join them at a temple compound for the games. Yoko Aruki tests and shuriken throwing as well as hiding are all tested. Very funny.

4. Enbu at the memorial service of 3000 souls on 10th September 1993. Mine Takaichiro an author in Japan held a service for the 3000 people who had died in his books. Hatsumi Soke and 8 shihan put on an enbu at this event. Thos who took part are Seno Hideo, Noguchi Yukio, Someya Kenichi, Harada Masanori, Nagase Hiroshi, Iwata Yoshio, Honma Shogo, Hasunuma Yoishi. This event was described in the Bujinkan San Myaku newsletter (Vol2 No1 – UK edition)

It is approximately 1 hour long.