Training in Japan 1990 Vol7 DVD

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Hatsumi assisted by Manaka teaching Bojutsu in the Ishizuka Dojo, For those who remember Doron see him and Hatsumi show various applications with the Hanbo.
As always Noguchi is demonstrating Henka after Henka in rapid succession. Hatsumi shows lots of Henka using various tools such as Hanbo, sword, chigiriki, pistol, Shuko to explain the various applications he is teaching.

Manaka runs through some Gyokko Ryu and Kukishin Ryu Yari.

Some of the picture is a little graining due to the age of the film but this does not effect the viewing quality in any way, the sound is excellent,

The region has been set so that it is watchable in any country. (will play in Europe - USA - Australia etc)